A Potential Option Beyond Standard of Care Treatment

Offering the highest standard of care, the potential promise of investigational immunotherapy, and physicians dedicated to patient care and ovarian cancer research

MRD is a phase 2 study, evaluating the safety and potential efficacy of an investigational immunotherapy (IMNN-001), when used in combination with standard chemotherapy treatment, BEV and surgery in treating ovarian cancer.

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Investigational Drug

IMNN-001, an immunotherapy. Administered through a catheter directly into the abdomen over 1-2 hours.

Participants in MRD will be randomly selected (by chance) to receive one of two treatments:

Standard of care chemotherapy, BEV and surgery plus IMNN-001

Standard of care chemotherapy, BEV and surgery

Study Schedule

All participants will receive at no cost:

Care and monitoring from physicians specializing in ovarian cancer and dedicated to ovarian cancer research

Close monitoring by a clinical team using study-related tests and assessments

Potential access to the investigational immunotherapy

Reimbursement for study-related travel and expenses may also be available.

Choosing to take part in a clinical research study is a big decision.

Clinical research studies are monitored by an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Ethics Committee (EC), composed of physicians and experts who are not participating in the study, and who are responsible for protecting the safety and rights of participants.

Participating in clinical research can help advance potential ovarian cancer therapies for women now and in the future.

All study drugs must be tested in clinical research studies before they are approved and available to be prescribed by doctors. Clinical research studies are necessary to get medical treatments approved for use. These studies are designed to carefully test the safety and effectiveness of a drug or a treatment in a group of volunteers who are usually patients.

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